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Nicholas David is a vibrant, dynamic and multi-talented singer/songwriter from Saint Paul, MN. For more than a decade, Nicholas has composed alternative soul music that connects with people worldwide on a deeply human level. Prior to his unforgettable 2012 run with Team CeeLo on NBC’s The Voice, Nicholas had already recorded five critically acclaimed albums, experienced national radio airplay and participated in multiple charity and collaborative projects. Fans of The Voice were introduced to his soulful and storied career during this time where he struck a chord with America and finished a fan favorite in the top three.

During his 2012 appearance on NBC’s hit talent show “The Voice,” season finalist Nicholas David wowed the crowd with his vocal flexibility—taking on covers of everything from Jimi Hendrix to Corrine Bailey Rae for an ultimate 3rd-place finish. However, what resonated most with the audience was his undeniable old-school and old-fashioned soul, which has been a common thread throughout his career and is showcased to perfection on his latest EP, Make Hope. This project, which marks the Minnesotan singer-songwriter’s seventh overall, is a smooth and deep study of emotion backed by David’s confident command of soul, R&B, and rock ‘n’ roll. Its six tracks offer a glimpse into the journey, both personally and professionally, that David has been taking over the past couple of years.

Nicholas’ music is a fully integrative experience, incorporating multiple genres and influences ranging everywhere from Prince to Beethoven. His powerful voice, enriching lyrics and liquid piano playing set him apart and are the reason Skope Magazine calls him “an authentic artist of this millennium.” His captivating melodies embody an unbridled passion for music, and his lyrics convey the thoughts of a truly humble, intelligent and genuine human being. When it comes to his iconic live shows, Nicholas is a one-of-a-kind and must-see act. As if channeling inspiration from an outside source, the instant he walks on stage he gives himself over to the music. Fans have even gone as far to speak of his performances as a spiritual service that they actually want to attend. His emotional approach to songwriting and performing is the very reason the thriving Twin Cities music scene affectionately nicknamed him ‘the feelin.’

Nicholas has continued to use music as a vehicle for positive change. He has made it a priority in between touring to give back to the children. To give back to the future. From charities that fill backpack's with food for the summer months, because the only food they have is the food that's provided for them at school. To a place for families to grieve and process the death of their child. From coat drives during those cold Minnesota winters, to turning rock concerts into food/toy drives.  Nicholas is constantly searching for ways to not only speak the language of the heart, but to LIVE it as well. 

Nicholas and his own Label, Wake the World, are among an emerging group of Conscious-Capitalists and Eco-Entrepreneurs focused on utilizing recycled materials and FSC-Certified Products to lessen our environmental impact. All CD packaging and mailings feature  recycled materials and FSC-certified products. 

Nicholas' original music is available on iTunes here http://bit.ly/T7KYmK, or actual CD's can be purchased here at www.thefeelin.com/store_buy.

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 Nicholas David  Discography:

 ~Nicholas David & Andrew Crowley - "House of Fun" - Single (2018) 

~ Nicholas David - "Look At Me " - Single (2017) 

~ Nicholas David - "With These Hands" (2016)

~ Teague Alexy w/ the Feelin Band - "How Lefty Stepanovich Turned Water into Wine" - Single (2015)

~ Holiday Lights - "Vol. 6" (2014)

~  Nicholas David - "Make Hope " EP (2014)

~ Sounds of Giving (2013)

 ~  Nicholas David - "Say Goodbye" EP (2013)

 ~  Nicholas David -  "The Complete Season 3 Collection"

     (The Voice Performance) (2012)

 ~  Minnesota Beatle Project - "Vol. 3" (2011)

 ~  Nicholas David & Dylan Nau - "In Formation" EP (2011)

 ~  Minnesota Beatle Project - " Vol. 1 "- (2009) 

 ~  Nicholas David - "Together We’re Stronger" (2009)

 ~  Nicholas David - "Oak Chase Way" (2008)

 ~  Nicholas David & the Feelin Band - "The Sacred Play of Life" (2008)

 ~  Teague Alexy w/ the Feelin Band - "The New Folklore" (2007)

     (Collaborative Effort)

 ~  White Iron Band - "Live at the Cabooze" (2006) (Collaborative Effort)

 ~  White Iron Band - "Take It Off the Top" (2005) (Collaborative Effort)

 ~  Nicholas David - "Four Legged Light" (2004)



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